Miguel A. Mayosky

Departamento de Electrotecnia
Facultad de Ingeniería
Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Casilla de correo 91, La Plata (1900)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54-221-425-9306
Email: mayosky@ing.unlp.edu.ar

Formación Académica:

  • Ingeniero en Telecomunicaiones, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, 1983
  • Doctor en Informática, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, España, 1990

Posición actual: 

  • Profesor Titular, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional de La Plata
  • Investigador Superior, CICpBA

Áreas de Investigación:

  • Control Automático
  • Instrumentación Electrónica

Publicaciones en SeDiCI

  • The quantum CP-violating kaon system reproduced in the electronic laboratory
    Fecha: 2016-01-01
    Tipo de documento: Articulo
    Resumen:The equivalence between the Schrödinger dynamics of a quantum system with a finite number of basis states and a classical dynamics is realized in terms of electric networks. The isomorphism that connects in a univocal way both dynamical systems was applied to the case of neutral mesons, kaons in particular, and the class of electric networks univocally related to the quantum system was analysed. Moreover, under CPT invariance, the relevant-parameter that measures CP violation in the kaon system...
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  • Efficiency Optimisation of an Experimental PEM Fuel Cell System via Super Twisting Control
    Fecha: 2010-01-01
    Tipo de documento: Objeto de conferencia
    Resumen:A robust control solution is proposed to solve the air supply control problem in autonomous polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) based systems. Different second order sliding mode (SOSM) controllers are designed using a model of a laboratory test fuel cell generation system. Very good simulation results are obtained using such algorithms, showing the suitability of the SOSM approach to PEMFC stack breathing control. Subsequently, for experimental validation, a controller based on one ...
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  • Advances in HOSM Control Design and Implementation for PEM Fuel Cell Systems
    Fecha: 2009-01-01
    Tipo de documento: Objeto de conferencia
    Resumen:A second order sliding mode strategy to control the air supply and oxygen stoichiometry of a fuel cell based generation system is presented. The control design is accomplished from a complete model of a experimental plant that was previously developed by the authors and specially suited for nonlinear control issues. The resulting controller endows the system with enhanced dynamic characteristics and robustness to model uncertainties and external disturbances. Simulations and experimental results...
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  • Estudio de algoritmos 2-deslizantes aplicados al control de pilas de combustible
    Fecha: 2008-01-01
    Tipo de documento: Articulo
    Resumen:En este trabajo se hace un estudio comparativo de tres diferentes técnicas de control por modo deslizante de segundo orden, aplicadas al problema específico del control de respiración de una pila de combustible PEM. Los algoritmos diseñados se contrastan por simulación utilizando el modelo completo del sistema, poniendo particular énfasis en la respuesta transitoria y la robustez frente a perturbaciones....
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  • Neuro-Controllers, scalability and adaptation
    Fecha: 2006-10-01
    Tipo de documento: Objeto de conferencia
    Resumen:A Layered Evolution (LE) paradigm based method for the generation of a neuron-controller is developed and verified through simulations and experimentally. It is intended to solve scalability issues in systems with many behavioral modules. Each and every module is a genetically evolved neuro-controller specialized in performing a different task. The main goal is to reach a combination of different basic behavioral elements using different artificial neural-network paradigms concerning mobile robo...
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Publicaciones en CIC DIGITAL